"When God closes doors he open a window"

The implication is that although things don't always go according to our plans. That doesn't mean God won't have some other way to fulfill our desires. In that sense, God sovereignty means, He has infinite  ways to get us what we want and where he wants us to be. When he closes a door he is calling to an alternate path to our fulfillment. When I was working as a Kindergarten Teacher in a School they decided to close the school. I was left without a job for 14 months, then one day someone finally from another School called me for an interview. I didn't remember putting in any  application. But I went on to the interview anyway and by the grace of God not only did I got the job I was told that it comes with full benefits & retirement and the pay was more then I was making before. See how God works. It was God blessing when everything else fail he opened a window for me.Done by:Darrilyn Williams

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