A Valentine's Day from God in the Bible.

This Valentine's Day you might express your love in many ways. Buy giving flowers or chocolate candy. Maybe we give out stuff animals to Family members. Why not give God something this Valentine's Day. Mediate and pray, read about God word . Bring gift of praise. Give honor to God when we make a commitment to give to him what he honors. we will in fact be giving him a real gift, which is the best present we could ever give. What can that gift be? It's not our anger, bitterness, selfishness,or our personal power play and agendas. (Gal 5:19-21). Rather it is the gift living our lives empowered by him. ( Gal 5:22-23). It is the gift of "yourself" that means you are seeking to be poured out to him so, I am less and he is more (Mark 12:3-29-31,John 3:30, Gal,2:20-21) This  mean we seek righteousness (Matt. 6:33-34) We do this by seeking him as Lord and not just Savior (Psalm 57: 138) Our gift to him is how we respond to the gift he has given us which are the gift of life and the power of grace.

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