Inspirational Plaques Surround Us With the Love of God.

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  • Magic Reversible Umbrella

    It's has been raining a lot in California and using a traditional umbrella get you all wet.Plus it lets the water drip off as you move. During a rainstorm like we have been having your umbrella goes with the wind inside out. So try the Magic Reversible Umbrella, it is very safe and you will stay dry. The umbrella closes downward not like other traditional umbrella so for only $21.99 this could be your if you shop and buy it now.
  • "When God closes doors he open a window"

    The implication is that although things don't always go according to our plans. That doesn't mean God won't have some other way to fulfill our desires. In that sense, God sovereignty means, He has infinite  ways to get us what we want and where he wants us to be. When he closes a door he is calling to an alternate path to our fulfillment. When I was working as a Kindergarten Teacher in a School they decided to close the school. I was left without a job for 14 months, then one day someone finally from another School called me for an interview. I didn't remember putting in any  application. But I went on to the interview anyway and by the grace of God not only did I got the job I was told that it comes with full benefits & retirement and the pay was more then I was making before. See how God works. It was God blessing when everything else fail he opened a window for me. Done by:Darrilyn Williams 
  • A Valentine's Day from God in the Bible.

    This Valentine's Day you might express your love in many ways. Buy giving flowers or chocolate candy. Maybe we give out stuff animals to Family members. Why not give God something this Valentine's Day. Mediate and pray, read about God word . Bring gift of praise. Give honor to God when we make a commitment to give to him what he honors. we will in fact be giving him a real gift, which is the best present we could ever give. What can that gift be? It's not our anger, bitterness, selfishness,or our personal power play and agendas. (Gal 5:19-21). Rather it is the gift living our lives empowered by him. ( Gal 5:22-23). It is the gift of "yourself" that means you are seeking to be poured out to him so, I am less and he is more (Mark 12:3-29-31,John 3:30, Gal,2:20-21) This  mean we seek righteousness (Matt. 6:33-34) We do this by seeking him as Lord and not just Savior (Psalm 57: 138) Our gift to him is how we respond to the gift he has given us which are the gift of life and the power of grace
  • Where can I find Inspirational plaques?

    At Unique Craft World & Dist we provide all sorts of affordable plaques with Bible Verse. That will remind you of the word of God. Whether it's on a plaque in your entryway or a plaque in your living room or on a coffee cup in your kitchen, you can surround yourself and family  & friends with the word of God.
  • Inspirational plaques surround us with the Love of God.

    Placing Bible verse plaques in our home inspiring message of verses. A scripture passage is a way that we can be reminded of the Love of God. For us it gives a better understanding of how he love us and we start to believe in his promise.

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